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Durable Dish is a service of Human Eco Consulting, LLC. Human Eco's services focus on waste reduction strategy for corporations and cities. Through that work, a tremendous need for sustainable event management practices was identified and Durable Dish was formed. 

Durable Dish works in conjunction with event planners and caterers to provide services that are kind on the environment, aesthetically pleasing and represent quality and connection through meaningful place settings and attention to detail.  

All of the inventory of Durable Dish's eclectic dish ware line is rescued through a partnership with Goodwill. Dishes that are unsold in the Deerborn, Seattle Goodwill store are given a second life instead of being sent to the landfill. Each dish is hand selected to represent quality, history and a sense of place. 

Durable Dish can create one of a kind collections for any event and guarantees zero waste through full service sustainable event management practices.

Let us work together to create an event that leaves no trace but is never forgotten.


Hannah Johnson


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